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Queen of Ruin

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Height: 17cm
Base: 100mm, round
Material: pure, unfilled resin
Product image models painted by: Dillon Cartier

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The Queens of Ruin are the true embodiment of everything that their faction stands for: broken, rotten, decayed, and yet filled with unnatural and disturbing vitality. Those of Ruin are forever driven by fleshy wants and needs, but forever denied satisfaction. Their senses are deadened and distorted by disease. To them, even the most beautiful vistas are cast in dull monochrome. The most melodic song is rendered as discordant wails. Scent and taste are forever tuned to decay, and their flesh is so ravaged that the comfort of touch is denied them. Even if the followers of Ruin found a way to satiate their cravings, whatever pleasure centers may have existed in their minds were long ago obliterated by the rot that infests them.

The cruelest joke is that the one thing not taken from the Queens of Ruin is hope. They are filled with a delusional determination and unnatural optimism that their cravings can be satiated. They are forever standing at the crossroads of dreams and despair–believing that a brighter future awaits–while trapped in eternal stagnation.

The ravenous hunger that drives and strengthens all demons of Ruin is especially strong for a Queen. When in battle, they continuously scoop those who fall against them into their unnatural maws, feasting upon flesh and soul. Their hunger cannot be satiated, but they regenerate and swell in power as they consume the essence of their victims. For those without the most pure of hearts, a fate much worse than death awaits them as they are digested. They will be remade, or perhaps more accurately, regurgitated as a demon of Ruin. These spawn are bound for all time in servitude to the Queen who created them.   

The Queen of Ruin is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She comes with a custom 100mm round base and has a height of 17cm from the bottom of her scenic base to top of her horns. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

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Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 3.5 in