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Lord of Sacrifice

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Height: 13cm
Base: 60mm, round
Material: pure, unfilled resin
Product image models painted by: Dillon Cartier

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The Lord of Sacrifice is the first model in our 6th and final demonic faction, Tyranny. The demons of Tyranny are obsessed with the rule of law, and they construct vast civilizations in which the strongest rule with callous brutality over the populace. A stratified caste system ruled over by a sprawling bureaucracy exists within their civilization and governs every aspect of daily life. Magistrates, judges, and executioners patrol the streets to ensure that the law is upheld and punish any who are caught deviating from their prescribed duties. 

But what really holds the civilization together is the power of the contract. Demons of Tyranny are capable of creating contracts that are scribed onto the soul, resulting in deals that cannot be broken without dire consequences. The key components to all deals are the Coins of Sacrifice, most commonly referred to as Sacra. Once a Sacra has changed hands, a contract is formed–whether written or not–that must be fulfilled. The Lords of Sacrifice are responsible for the minting of these coins, and their entire civilization revolves around the production and exchange of the Sacra.

Each coin must be doused in the blood of a victim who has been offered up to the dormant god that the demons of Tyranny worship. Great pyramid temples are built over giant crevasses that crisscross the lands governed by Tyranny. The crevasses, which seemingly have no bottom, are believed to lead all the way to Neron, the God of Tyranny. Each pyramid is a center of activity–where victims are offered for sacrifice and coins are dispensed in return. Part priest, part executioner, and part merchant, the Lords of Sacrifice offer countless victims to their God and, in so doing, bind the power of blood and souls into gold and brass.  

The Lord of Sacrifice is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. He comes with a custom 60mm round base and has a height of 13cm from the bottom of his scenic base to top of his horns. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

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