The Void. Place of nothingness

Void Elemental

Screaming from the void, this enthralling elemental of pure energy comes forth leaving only destruction in its wake. A master of pure primordial essence, the Void Elemental exists only to consume energy that escapes into the void before returning to its ancient slumber.

Prototypes pictured. 

Coming Soon October 2021

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Those few sentient creatures that can survive in it, let alone thrive in it.

Occasionally, when there is a breach of demonic origin that causes energy to leak into this vast nether, and such energy is enough to stir a Void Elemental.

Once awake, it is constantly seeking out nourishment in the form of energy to maintain a stable form.

Occasionally, these horrific creatures are unleashed into the physical realm, usually through the aid of some mad sorcerer, or a demonic breach proceeding an invasion. Few survive initial first contact with this creature, as it instinctually seeks to destroy and consume. Even the mighty  Demonic Lords hesitate to confront  a Void Elemental, as doing battle with such a force can leave them drained and vulnerable even if victory is achieved. Void Elementals are barren of energy, as it is rapidly consumed – so even demons have nothing to gain from the resulting battle. Fortunately the discovery of a Void Elemental on any material realm is rare, and is thankfully an experience that few have witnessed.

The Void Elemental is hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. She comes with a custom 80mm round base and has a height of 15cm from the bottom of her base to the top of her void portal.
Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.


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