The Untamed Fairy Tales World

The Wolf and The Pack

Novac Dawn is twisting classic fairy tales that we know and love and Creature Caster brings their creations to life in a new incredible material. 


The first Fairy Tale to get the Untamed twist is ‘Little Red Riding Hood’

And our journey begins with the terrifying Wolf. The Untamed Wolf is even more brutal and vicious than his fairy tale counterpart. He leads a cursed pack of Varcolaci (werewolves). Corrupted by their own lust for power, their perversion of an ancient ritual turned their craving for power into an unquenchable hunger for flesh and blood.

Available in 3 different kits!

The Wolf
Standing 56mm tall on a 50mm round base.

The Pack
Ranging from 39 to 46mm tall on 32mm round bases.

The Wolf and The Pack
Both aforementioned kits, but with an alternate scenic 50mm round base for the wolf that boosts his height to 67mm. 

Using a Brand New, Robust Material: SiOres
They are one of our first projects in this new material, and we’re very excited!