Corpse-bearer and Gorebrand
Engines of Annihilation

There are many different forms in which a demonic incursion may manifest, but none so frightening as those led by the forces of Tyranny. Mechanical demon-engines wreak havoc on the battlefield, rending and crushing those that oppose their battered frames of demon-wrought steel. Leading the vanguard are the Engines of Annihilation, massive constructs piloted by demons whose flesh has been sacrificially fused with their hellish chassis.  


Base SizeHeightFOR SET
100mm140mm$120 USD

Two Classes. Two Models. The Corpse-Bearer and the Gorebrand.

The Corpse-Bearer is an Engine of Annihilation variant that mounts the bodies of its foes to its massive pauldrons, striking terror in even the fiercest enemy. Their sleek frames are designed to compact their silhouette, making them a harder target on the battlefield. Striking from afar, their energy weapons and cascading explosive rounds leave devastating gaps in enemy lines. 


Unlike the Corpse-Bearer, the Engine of Annihilation with the moniker ‘Gorebrand’ celebrates the glory of battle by engaging directly with the enemy. Using its massive girth and heavy blades to eviscerate its foes, it grinds their flesh to pulp and pulverizes their bones. Armed with razor sharp pauldrons and spiked armour, it crashes into the melee revelling in the mayhem of its design.

The Engines of Annihilation are hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. They come with a custom 100mm round base and have a height of approximately 140mm. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+


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