Ferocious Undead Minotaur

Cradol the Shadow Hunter

Once the toughest warrior and leader of her people, Cradol’s desire to forge a new path for the minotaur herd led to their demise. 

Now Cradol lurks silently in the mists of the Between, carefully calculating the movements of her enemies and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.  She will not make the same mistakes in death


Cradol Banner

Earning a Warrior’s Place in the Between

At her time of death on the world of Athien, Cradol’s will was so powerful that she was able to hold onto her fragmented essence and reassemble her form in the Shadow Plane known as the Between. Once ferociously beautiful and muscular in life, pieces of her flesh have fallen away and left her innards grotesquely exposed. But she wears her wiry, battered frame proudly, as it is a symbol of her indomitable spirit and the undead shadow powers she now possesses.

Cradol has a unique ability to see the ebb and flow of a battle, and find the precise moment to strike. Alone she is formidable, but when fighting alongside others she is truly remarkable. She is able to synergize with the strikes of her allies and capitalize on weaknesses that have been opened in the enemies’ defenses. She also has the power to regenerate her health. This compliments her analytical warrior mind by allowing her to take calculated risks and sustain damage when it is necessary to do so. These abilities are only further enhanced by her skill at manipulating Shadow Orbs, which allow her to move dynamically across the battlefield. After diving into battle, she is able to retreat to the shadows, lurking there until she finds the optimum moment to strike again.

The eyes of two gods in particular have been drawn to this champion: Cradol’s patience and persistence in battle have earned her the respect of Tomas, who values the resilience of undead Athinians; while Krognar appreciates the ambition and ruthlessness of her leadership style – qualities which have not been diminished by death. 

A Tragic Finale on Athien

Cradol always questioned the migratory minotaur way, and longed to build a stationary empire for her people.

Sadly, her ambitions proved tragically fatal to her tribe when their peaceful oasis was set upon by a swarm of horrifying insectoids known as the Atric. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of monsters, Cradol and her warrior elite consumed a lethal amount of a forbidden stimulant in a desperate attempt to hold back the tide of slaughter. Dying in such circumstances, with the stimulent still raging through her cells, has imbued her undead mind with a dark anger and perhaps a certain degree of madness.

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