The Insatiable Horde 

Children of Ruin

A perpetual need to consume all in their path drives their tortured half-life. They are prisoners in their own bodies, receiving no pleasure from their gluttony. 

10 Unique and Gnarly Infantry Demons

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Base SizeHeightPrice
32mm35-58mm$60 CAD

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The Children of Ruin

A follower of Ruin is given life only from death.

The Queens and Bile Witches of Ruin bring life to these monstrosities. As the maternal demons consume other life, DNA is broken down and reformed, essence is consumed, and then the semi digested mass is regurgitated. In this way, former life is depleted and recycled into the macabre infantry that will further Ruin’s gluttonous addiction.

Set Price TBD.
Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.


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