Ruin is Inevitable for All

Atriarchs of Ruin – Unity


Ruin cannot be escaped. It is inevitable, and beautiful in its unity. Perpetual loneliness is a powerful void; these three demons of Ruin seek only to welcome more beings of Ruin into existence. Alas, their hunger can never be satisfied.

Models will be sold separately, and also in a set that contains an exclusive Ruin infantry model (Child of Ruin).


Base SizeHeightPrice of Set
40mm45-63mm$79 CAD

Two Souls Longing to be One

Behemoth of Ruin 

Born of a desire to be one, these two stitched themselves together. But the monstrous result could not satiate their hunger for unity. They can never truly be one.

A tortured and uncomfortable connection. 
The Behemoth is a lumbering brute that drags itself awkwardly across the battleground. Never acting in the blissful concert that it sought to actualize, it seems always at the point of pulling itself apart. Yet, somehow, its discombobulated flailing propels it towards the enemies of Ruin. The Behemoth smashes its way into the fray, cleaving and stabbing in a whirlwind of mad, uncoordinated violence.

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+


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Seeking the Connection of Motherhood

Bile Witch of Ruin 

Amongst the Atriarchs of Ruin, only the Bile Witches are able to transform the biological and spiritual components of mortal beings into new Children of Ruin (a task usually left to the powerful Queens of Ruin).  

The motherly need is never satisfied.
The Bile Witches desire to feel the connection of motherhood. They continually bring new Children of Ruin into their realm, but each parturition leaves them feeling more empty and alone. Their Children climb from their wombs before they have a chance to truly connect. The Bile Witches are left with a constant need to produce more and more Children in a desperate attempt to build a family. 

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

Heralding a Promise of Unity

Harbinger of Ruin 

These winged, fae-like messengers of Ruin seek only to spread the word of Ruin’s unifying power.  

Oh, how the Harbinger wishes to embrace all with the blessings of Ruin.
The clang of her slender bell signals to all: “Ruin is coming, Ruin is coming.” But why do they flee? Do they not long to become a piece of the whole? With Ruin, there is acceptance of all, and one unifying purpose. All are welcome to the fold. Her bell rings, and her mallet falls upon those scattering before her. Again and again it falls. The result is not what she expected; the mewling flailing shapes she leaves behind were not the pieces of Ruin that she had hoped to create. But that is ok, there are so many more for her to indoctrinate… surely one of them will be beautiful like her.

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.