Three Unique Harnessers of Rage 

Atriarchs of Onslaught

All demons of Onslaught are haunted with a powerful inner rage that, when left unchecked, leads to self-destruction. 

Through unique combinations of dedicated combat training, weapon crafting, and meditation, this gruesome threesome has learned to control and channel their rage into advanced combat strategies. What once was a weakness is now their most powerful asset on the battlefield.

The Atriarchs of Onslaught will be sold both individually, and in a set that comes with an optional victim for the Priest.

Available FEBRUARY 19TH

Base SizeHeightPrice of Set
40mm60-63mm$79 CAD

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 Harnessing Outcast Rage

Cremator of Onslaught 

Their broken horns make them outcasts in their own realm. Strings of incendiary skulls fuel their massive flamethrowers which decimate everything in their path.

Despised for their “broken” status, their self hatred becomes a weapon. 
The Cremators of Onslaught are pariahs born of loss. Onslaught horns are nearly unbreakable, and quickly regenerate from minor cuts and scrapes. They are a representation of strength and honor, revered as sacred objects by all Onslaught Demons. In truth, it is easier to kill a Demon of Onslaught than it is to damage their horns. And so, any lasting damage to them during battle becomes a symbol of great shame: a demon who cannot protect their own horns cannot hold the raging front lines of the battle.

Incineration fueled by self-loathing.
With their damaged horns hidden beneath ornate metal artifice, they are able to rejoin their brethren on the field of battle. Never again to be blessed with the challenge of close combat, they incinerate their foes from afar, so as not to reveal their masquerading horns. The gouts of flame, channeled by hatred born of self-loathing, appear to almost have a life of their own. It is a thankless job, and most who wield the alchemical flamethrowers are looked down upon. But sometimes, a demon will rise who displays such skill and ferocity that a grudging respect is granted to them, despite their past failings. These demons are the Cremators of Onslaught.

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.


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Channeling Onslaught’s Rage Into Pure Fire 

Anarchist of Onslaught 

The Anarchists conjure physical, flaming manifestations of power that reduce their enemies to ashes.

Defying Onslaught’s nature with their self-control.
All Onslaught demons are haunted with a powerful inner rage that, when left unchecked, leads to self-destruction. The Anarchists have learned to channel their rage into physical manifestations of power. They can shape the fire within into an axe made of flame, an incredibly sharp and blazing sword, or a powerful inferno of spiralling flames. It is very difficult for their enemies to parry their manifested weapons, as they are able to alter the solidity of their weapons at will, by phasing them in and out of existence. Their flaming weapons can shift from being as solid as metal, to as ethereal as air in the blink of an eye. This practice takes years of dedication and deep meditation to master, so Anarchists are one of the most uncommon Atriarch’s within the ranks of Onslaught. 

Like the fire, itself, the Anarchists embrace chaos.
Anarchists are wild and unpredictable. While not as uncontrolled as a Berserker, they prefer to fight alone where they can unleash the flames of their rage with abandon. Much of Onslaught’s society is structured into nomadic warbands, the order of the warbands helping the demons find purpose and control. Anarchists rebel against such order, roaming at will, disregarding rules, and embracing the chaos of the flame. Oftentimes they are outrunners for a warband, roaming far ahead and beginning battles that others must finish. Anarchists are viewed with a combination of wariness and admiration by other demons of Onslaught. They walk a path that few can master.

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+

Calculated and Deliberate Killers

Priest of Onslaught 

Harnessing their rage through ritual killing and sacrifice, the Priests of Onslaught view their blood-slicked blades as bringers of nirvana. 

Practiced, violent precision.
In a civilization built entirely around blood, rage, and violence, the Priests of Onslaught are perhaps the most conscious killers. Rather than succumb to the rage that courses through their DNA, they have trained themselves to harness it with slow and calculated movements. Priests of Onslaught are able to remain motionless for days or even weeks, as an internal battle against bloodlust rages within. When they finally spring into action, it is with lightning fast precision. Every motion is exact, graceful, and deadly as they resist the rage’s call to hack madly at their victims. They find great honor in killing with the fewest swings of their blades, as possible.

Blood and sacrifice beget calm.
Priests of Onslaught are also masters of blood magic. While all demons feed upon the life essence of others, the Priests can harvest that essence from the blood of others. To truly tap into these powers they perform ritual sacrifices, draining the blood from their victims and absorbing the essence. Amongst the screaming and struggles, the Priests of Onslaught walk with serenity and purpose. Leisurely drawing the serrated edges of their blades across the flesh of those chosen for sacrifice, and bathing in the arterial sprays. Charged with energy, they approach demonic nirvana. The Priests can use their blood affinity to heal and strengthen their allies, or weaken and curse their enemies. 

Individual price: $27 CAD
Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.