Absolute masters of the limitless

Atriarchs of Malifica

As the Children of Malifica explore the world, they become sentient. Starting as nothing more than a primitive tendril they rapidly evolve, gaining form and function. These monstrosities are their evolved state.



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Evolved Atriarchs of Malifica

There are few creatures that can contend with the power of an evolved Atriarch of Malifica. Commanding strange and esoteric abilities, they are by far the most strange and alien beings within the demon realm. The Enchantress wields incredible powers over flesh and metal – transmutation is her realm of expertise. The Djinn is a consummate warrior, using their speed and strength to overwhelm their enemies. The Possessed is by far the strangest of these creatures, sacrificing their own bodies to puppeteer their victims as a parasite.

The Atriarchs of Malifica are hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. They come with custom 40mm round bases and have heights between 45mm and 63mm. Models are unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+


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Evolved to a state of perfection, they are masters of transmutation. 

As the Children of Malifica explore the world, they become sentient. Starting as nothing more than a primitive tentacle, they rapidly evolve and, – gaining form and function. The Enchantress is one of their  such evolved states.

An Enchantress of Malifica is able to feel the potential for dramatic change within other beings. With this knowledge and unique magical power, they can mold and craft sentient creatures into inanimate objects with just a touch. Most commonly they are employed within the forces of Malifica as weapon and armour smiths – creating magical artefacts out of the flesh, minds, and souls of others. 

An especially powerful Lord or Lady may also make use of an Enchantress, transforming those who oppose them into decor for their manse or into trinkets with which to adorn themselves. 

An Enchantress is respected amongst their brethren for their incredible skills, but also feared, for there is an unpredictable, and dangerous allure to them. When they turn their eyeless gaze upon another’s potential, they offer an unspoken exchange, – a dark enticement. Submit to their will and become something new – achieve a form stronger, more beautiful, or more fantastic than is possible alone. Perhaps a form closer to perfection, a form that would be respected and feared, or just one that allows an escape from whatever paltry existence most beings are burdened with. 

Even the greatest of minds have been known to succumb to this sinister bargain, realizing too late that they are nothing but raw materials in the hands of an Enchantress.

He felt drawn to her, to her strange, alien beauty. Her delicate form, surrounded by a seething mass of tentacles. Strangely hypnotic, they moved about her. No not about, but a part of – transforming into clothing, into skin,… into her.

Her eyeless gaze settled onto him, and he felt stripped bare, as though she knew everything that he was, everything that he had ever done. He felt himself moving towards her, a strange knowing smile on her lips as she reached out a hand to his face.

She didn’t speak, but he knew that the Enchantress could see something within him – that he was destined for a greater purposewhat he was meant to be. His true potential would be shaped by her hands, and he would be transformed. A beatific smile spread across his face as he threw his arms wide, welcoming the greatness that was his destiny.

Her hands were cool and smooth as glass as they moved over his face, trailing down his neck and across his body. It felt like her touch was everywhere – lighting little sparks under his skin.  – Hhow did she have so many hands? He knew that he was being reshaped, that he was shaking off his former self. It was glorious! He was becoming!

The Enchantress gazed at the crude metallic bar in her lap. A strange sound emanated from it – half scream, half mewling pleasure. Often she had to seek out the materials for her craft, but this one had found her – and that made it special. She drew her palm down its length, drawing it out into the rough shape of a blade. The noises coming from the metallic object intensified, and she smiled down at it. Such potential. It would not be wasted.


Boundless power contained within energy made flesh.

Children of Malifica explore the world, they become sentient. Starting as nothing more than a primitive tentacle they rapidly evolve, gaining form and function. The Djinn is one of their such evolved states.

All Children of Malifica eventually merge with a unique crystal that is found deep in the waters of their home. The Crystal itself is a catalyst that can absorb ambient energy – which will both stabilize and feed the growth of the tentacle child to which it is bound. Ultimately the Children learn to control the crystal, draining energy from their enemies and unleashing it in powerful blast waves.

For the Djinns of Malifica, the crystal core at the center of their being has become their sole focus. They constantly drain energies from their surroundings, or from other sentient beings, filling their crystals with so much energy that they threaten to shatter. A nascent Djinn becomes so obsessed with obtaining this energy that it will cannibalize the crystals of other children of malifica, increasing their own power at the expense of their siblings. Upon acquiring 3three crystals, a Djinn undergoes a dark apotheosis. The crystals merge together and swell exponentially in power and in size, dwarfing the fleshy parts that remain.

This new form allows the Djinns to move nimbly about the battlefield. The crystal contains so much energy that the Djinns find themselves floating above the ground, no longer requiring more mundane forms of locomotion. Depending on the Djinn, the energy contained within the crystal can be used for many esoteric purposes, or just released in devastating waves of destruction.

If done correctly, a captured Djinn can be shattered into its original form, and its three crystals stripped away. Each crystal acts as a magical battery capable of incredible feats of creation or destruction, making the capture of such a being incredibly valuable.


Being free of physical constraints can lead to ultimate power. 

As the Children of Malifica explore the world, they become sentient. Starting as nothing more than a primitive tendril they rapidly evolve, gaining form and function. The Possessed is one of their such evolved states.

Sometimes after achieving sentience, a Child of Malifica will lose it’s crystal to either folly, predation, or ill luck. Such a creature is a wretched shell of its former self, struggling to maintain its form and function. For the most part, these tendrils regress back to a primitive state. Most commonly they would die in this weakened form. The lucky ones instinctively find their way back to the deep waters of their home where they can find a new crystal and begin their evolution once again. A very rare few discover that they can live – even thrive – if they are able to replace the crystal with a suitable host. 

A Possessed of Malifica is a parasitic being who has latched onto another creature. The stable physical form of the host provides a suitable home for a crystal-less Child of Malifica. Tendrils burrow into the skin of the victim, emptying out most of the internal organs. Bones are dissolved as the Possessed flows deeper into its prey, replacing whatever skeleton might have existed with an interconnected network of tentacles. 
At first, a Possessed of Malifica is a clumsy inept thing. Like a puppet with half its strings cut, it flops around in a pathetic imitation of its host. OverBut over time, the Possessed merges almost completely with the shell that contains it, being indistinguishable from the original. They can often live concealed within a society, totally unremarkable until they choose to strike.

The Possessed are excellent spies and assassins. The tentacled insides make the host preternaturally quick and flexible, and give them the ability to change form to a degree. The host body is so integrated with the tentacles that it can explode open, and this agent of Malifica reveals its true horrific form. Fighting almost like two creatures, the Possessed puppeteers the host with incredible agility and skill, all the while thrashing out violently with the bizarre bioorganic appendages that are the true form of the parasite. If such a being is ever defeated, it is wise to burn the remains, as it is well known that a Possessed can move itself from one Host to another with relative ease.