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Height: 16cm
Base: 50mm custom scenic sculpt
Material: pure, unfilled resin

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Treewalker is the first of the Creature Caster elemental walkers. Though a valiant spirit that seeks peace and harmony, she is still a more than capable warrior. Powered by the will of the forest, few can hope to stand before her. Layers upon layers of toughened and durable bark form a nigh impenetrable armour over her entire form. Her hands have been tempered over millennia into unbreakable, thorn-like blades. A force of nature, her strength is such that she can impale or crush lesser foes without thought. Young by the standards of her race, she is still possessed with a curiosity and energy that drives her to explore and protect lands far beyond her home. When not in battle, Treewalker is known for her gentle wisdom, often a voice of reason in troubled times. However, the forest has a long memory, and it does not forget wrongs visited upon it. Treewalker is the agent of its justice.

Treewalker is cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She stands 16cm (6.5″) to the top of her head, and is mounted on a sculpted 50mm by 50mm base.

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