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Orc Forge Guard

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In battle, a Forge Guard will die before allowing harm to come to his Lord. Each Forge Lord has carefully crafted the genetic memory imprint of their guards’ weaponry to ensure that betrayal, or self preservation instincts are overwritten. Combined with the careful selection of a suitable host warrior, a Forge Guard is the perfect defender – willing to sacrifice all for his charge.


Heights: 68mm
Bases: 40mm, round
Material: pure, unfilled resin
Product image painted by: Dillon Cartier

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Forge Guards are selected from their broods for one purpose: to protect their Forge Lord in battle. They are uniquely equipped with massive repulsor shields which are both protection and weaponry in one. The power core of the repulsor shield provides an anti-grav effect; reducing its weight, and repelling projectiles. The energy that the core produces is pressurized and contained, and can be released through the front of the shield in a wave of fire. Like all orcs, the Forge Guards have little training. Instead, they rely upon the genetic memory that is imprinted upon them through their weaponry.

When an orc is selected for the guard position, they are given a powerful forge weapon that bonds to them. Genetic material from the previous owner of the weapon is transferred to the new owner. Utilizing a symbiotic virus, a string of double stranded viral DNA (Viral dsDNA) infects the new host. This dsDNA codes thousands of new proteins, spreading from cell to cell, rebuilding the orc from the ground up. The process, while agonizing, is over in a matter of hours. The new orc is stronger, and faster than its previous form. Most significantly, vast new neural pathways are formed, rebuilding and mimicking those of the previous host. This will leave the warrior with some of the memories of the previous hosts, along with the instincts and knowledge of an experienced warrior.

The Orc Forge Guard is hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. He comes with a custom 40mm round base and has a height of 48mm from the bottom of his scenic base to top of his head. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 20.5 × 15.5 × 5.5 cm