Partner Program

Creature Creators Partnership Program

Creature Caster is dedicated to the growth of this amazing hobby and believes in supporting those who go out of their way to provide their knowledge to the community. To further this goal of assisting in the production of great content, we are introducing the Creature Creators partnership program.

The goal of Creature Creators is to give content producers the opportunity to share their knowledge with a broader audience, grow their platform and obtain the tools they need to continue making awesome stuff!

Who We are Looking For –

If you are a creator who regularly outputs awesome content on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other social reach platforms, then the Creature Creators program wants you! You only need to meet a few minimum requirements to get on board –

Live Streamers – Have reached a minimum of Affiliate status (or equivalent) on your platform and have at least 500 followers.

YouTubers – Have a minimum of 2000 followers and produce at least one new video each week and show good interaction with your viewers’ comments.

Instagrammers – Have a minimum of 2000 followers and regularly post content to your feed and interact with your viewers’ comments.

Don’t worry if you’re not on one of the specific platforms we list. We realize there are tons of ways that you can reach out to the hobby community and provide great content. Just let us know your specific platform and we’ll look at your reach, regularity of content and interaction with your viewers.

What Creature Creators Get –

Creature Creators get access to great tools to help them grow their presence in the community and reach further with their content.

Hobby Starter Pack – A selection of Pro Acryl paints and Bomb Wick brushes to get you introduced to Creature Caster / Monument products.

Store Discounts – A full-time discount to the store so Creators can get the tools they need for producing great content, fueling community giveaways and other incentives.

Creature Community Access – Cross-promotion of content through the Creature Community website and our other social media outlets along with other promotional opportunities.

Creature Feedback – Be part of the feedback loop that we create around our products and their development. Have your voice heard and help make everything we do that much better!

More! – The program is designed to grow as you do. As you reach milestones in expanding your reach, you’ll receive things like store exclusives, product early access, special promotions and more!

What We Expect of Creators –

Just keep doing what you do best – create great content! The hobby is made better by the awesome videos, photos and tutorials that are made and put back into the community every day. All we ask is that you continue to drive this idea in a manner that avoids any type of bigotry, promotion of violence or illegal activities, hateful speech, extreme negativity or other actions that would generally define you as a jerk.

While we hope you will love and use our products in the creation of your content, it is not a requirement of the program. We believe in your right to create independently of outside influence and we support all the amazing content that gets made for the community to enjoy. 

Applications are currently closed for the end of 2019, but we will be reevaluating and will update at the beginning of the year. Feel free to contact us with any questions / comments you may have.