The Creature Caster demons have been searching for a world to invade, and now – with Judgement – they have found one.

Creature Caster has evolved rapidly over the past 6 years, with a continually expanding library of imaginative and high-quality resin miniatures that have reached collectors and enthusiasts across the world. Miniatures, however, are only one piece of a greater vision.

Creature Caster’s Peter Adams and Gunmeister Games’ Andrew Galea met at an Adepticon event 3 years ago, and sparked a creative journey with our two companies. Today, that journey has reached a pivotal milestone; we are happy to officially announce the collaboration between Creature Caster and Gunmeister Games on Judgement: Version 2.0.

The Collaboration Begins!

Creature Caster is excited to see our demons invade the Judgement universe and expand its potential! We have plans for very rich world narratives and compelling character engagements. We are also working alongside Gunmeister Games to bring their characters to life in the Creature Caster way. Boundary-pushing visionaries and imaginative artisans will craft miniatures that will absolutely blow your mind. We can’t wait to start showing you the amazing new character ideas!

Our first collaboration is marked with the release of Cradol the Shadow Hunter, a ferocious undead minotaur (pictured below). More details will be released in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!


Building Judgement Version: 2.0

We are incredibly humbled to take part in the planning for JudgementVersion 2.0. Big reasons for our choice to join forces with Andrew and Jeff were: how openly they accepted feedback on their game, and their strong desire to improve the gaming experience. We have a shared goal of creating a game that will be enjoyable and familiar to all those who have supported Judgement over these past 3 years, while also being accessible and enticing for new players. Keep your eyes and ears open for the awesome future developments to come over the next year! But for now, here’s a little sneak-peek…

Scale Change

In the picture below, you may notice that there are two scale versions of this ferocious half-dead beauty. One of our first plans for Version: 2.0 is to scale it down. This has a lot of benefits, but to name a few: the models won’t give your wallet as much of a beating, it will be easier to cart your Warbands around, and ironically we’ll be able to include larger models in the game. Dragons, greater demons, and griffon riders just weren’t practical when the standard size of a human was 54mm tall. Now we can include all of those types of creatures, and more!

Hex-Based Movement

Judgement, in its current form, uses free-form measured movement. Our combined team have decided to make the switch to hex-based movement for a few reasons. Namely, this gives us a lot more freedom in designing and incorporating models with differing sizes. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, our aim is to grow and improve the game. Free-form measurement is often the thing that new players and traditional board game enthusiasts struggle with most when trying out miniatures games. It is also the element which causes the most problems during competitive play. 
The new hex system will remove the ability to fudge movement and ensure that model placement is absolutely consistent throughout the game. This will make an excellent foundation for tournament play, as consistent model placement is integral for a well-functioning tiered system. We’re ready to build a serious competitive gaming scene!

Cradol two sizes

This is only the beginning!

We are so very excited to finally be able to share this exciting journey with everyone! There will be lots more to come over the next year. We hope you are all as excited as we are, and we can’t wait to bring you all a phenomenal game with visually stunning miniatures that will really bring the Judgement world to life.