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Lady of Chaos

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Height: 12.5cm
Base: 60mm, round
Material: pure, unfilled resin

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The Lady of Chaos rises on the backs of tortured souls. The second in our Discord line of demons, it is whispered that when the Lord of Malice was birthed into creation, he was not alone. He had a twin sister, just as cruel and malevolent as him. While they fervently deny any familial bond, it is said that wherever they travel in the multiverse, they can feel their connection to one another. All servants of Discord seek the destruction and end of all things. Any bond is completely antithetical to the demons of Discord who seek complete freedom and independence in their nihilistic pursuits. To be so bound to another is a hideous fate for such a demon, and whether the tales are true or false, they must surely seek the destruction of one another. For, even the rumor of such a connection binds them in its own way and draws the ire and scorn from other Discordants.

The Lady of Chaos is a harvester of souls. Those who fall beneath her blades soon find themselves bound to a torturous eternity as her thralls. Their souls are forever trapped and burning in a dimensional prison and she can unleash them against her enemies in torrents of living flame. The burning souls cling to her intended victims, immolating flesh and bone with their grasping hands. Forever being consumed–but never being granted the peace of oblivion–the souls howl in rage and agony as they are compelled to do her dark bidding. The Lady of Chaos is said to long for the day when all the cosmos burn. On that day, she will step into her own pyre, and all will come to an end. 

The Lady of Chaos is hand cast in pure, unfilled, resin. She comes with a custom 60mm round base and has a height of 12.5cm from the bottom of her scenic base to top of her spiral of souls. Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

“Of naked souls I many flocks beheld,
who all wept very sorely, while on each,
a different law appeared to be imposed.
A few lay on the ground upon their backs;
and some were seated cuddled up together,
while others moved about continually.
Most numerous were those that moved around,
and least so those that under torment lay,
but all the freer had their tongues to wail”
-Dante’s Inferno

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Weight 190 g
Dimensions 21 × 15.5 × 5 cm