Teaser Tuesday #6: The Matriarchs of Ecstasy

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The Matriarch’s of Ecstasy will be arriving tomorrow April 24th 2019 at 8am pst. Sorry for the short notice, all I can say is we have been busy working on more great releases. Here is the front and back of all the models 🙂

There are 3 different Matriarch’s all with a different theme: Noble, Feral, and Priestess. Each Matriarch is a powerful warrior who leads lesser demon’s into battle. The Matriarch’s are 40mm to the eyes and come on 40mm bases. This means they about a head taller than our upcoming infantry which are 32mm to the eyes and will come with 32mm bases.

We plan to continue this basic formula for both the male Ecstasy Patriarchs and for other factions as well. Stay tuned as we are going to have lots to show you for this faction 🙂

Matriarch of Ecstasy Noble
Matriarch of Ecstasy Noble
Matriarch of Ecstasy Feral
Matriarch of Ecstasy Feral Back
Matriarch of Ecstasy Priestess
Matriarch of Ecstasy Priestess Back

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