Lady of Chaos Fire Scheme

Teaser Tuesday #2: Controlled Chaos

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Hi All. We are back with another Teaser Tuesday. Last week we released one of our early sketches for the Lady of Chaos and this week we are following it up with the completed art piece. There are a few things we would like to focus on today.

First is the final evolution of the base. As we mentioned in the last article the base (while being awesome) was just a little too much. It wouldn’t have fit into our size restrictions and it overpowered the actual figure. The challenge was getting as much of that coolness as possible into a smaller area, while giving the feeling that the Lady of Chaos was really controlling and channeling all that energy. Here you can see the final form of the base and I think the art team really nailed the spiral of souls. We take a lot of inspiration from Dante’s Inferno and we think this model really captures a sea of lost souls feel.

The second thing to look at is the development of the armour and other details from the beginning sketch. In the first sketch the figure itself was fairly uninspiring, we new we had to have some epic detail for her to compete with the awesome base. This is the second model from our Discord line of demons and we really had to make a choice as to how similar she might be to our first model from that range, the Lord of Malice. In the end we went with armour elements that are very similar, but reflect her more feminine nature. This is in part story driven (as you will see soon), but it is also a conscious choice to make them recognizable as the new “discord” faction. Not all of our demons of discord will follow this exact scheme, but hopefully having these two as a solid core to the collection will create a recognizable unity across the line.

Last but not least is that we use our art to inspire the final painting of the model. Whenever we do this we always try to create a couple of different color schemes, and probably most importantly we try to have the scheme tell a story. With the Resin Beast Painting Competition rapidly approaching, and many of you getting entries ready, this is worth taking a moment to consider. It is something we mentioned in our article on the Spider Demon last week, and maybe it is a bit obvious, but a color scheme can really change the feel and atmosphere of a model. It is always worth taking a moment before starting a new project to consider what story you want to tell, and how color and tone are going to convey that to your audience. With this model we considered two possible character types. A cold, sinister, and heartless necromancer style demon v.s. a passionate, sadistic, and soul blazing demon. For us the Soul Blazing Lady of Chaos fit better with the story we wanted to tell, although we hope that many of you will be just as inspired by the cold version 🙂


Lady of Chaos Fire Scheme
Lady of Chaos Fire Scheme


“Where does the coldness come from if it’s not from within our hearts?”
Anthony T. Hincks

Lady of Chaos Cool Scheme
Lady of Chaos Cool Scheme


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