Teaser Tuesday #1: Evolution of Chaos

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Welcome to the very first Creature Caster Teaser Tuesday. This will be a weekly column showing upcoming products and some behind the scenes of our product development. Please remember that sketches and art may vary from the final sculpts, and some of what we show may never make it to production.

Today we are presenting our early work on the Lady of Chaos! Almost one year from the release of our Lord of Malice the second demon of Discord prepares to burninate your souls! We knew we had something special once we started creating the idea for the tortured soul spiral rising out of her base.  We also knew we were about to take on one of the most complex models we have ever produced, especially at the Lord/Lady scale.

In the sketch below you can see one of our initial designs. All the basic elements from our project brief were there, so it was just a question of refining from that point out. Since Creature Caster moved to retail, one of our priorities has been to create a consistent basing system. Lords and Ladies are on 60mm, while Kings and Queens go on 100mm. We loved the huge river of souls idea but felt that it both overwhelmed the model and just wasn’t feasible if we were sticking with uniform base sizes. So the base went back to the drawing board with the plan to maintain the core elements, but reduce the size, so that the model felt more domineering and less drowning. We think the final art for the base nailed both the aesthetic and size requirements! As a bonus it was great practice for sculpting and casting smaller infantry sized pieces… now why would we want to practice that?!?!

Hope you come back next Tuesday for more of the Lady of Chaos!

Lady of Chaos Sketch
Lady of Chaos Sketch


Lady of Chaos Base
Lady of Chaos Base