Resin Beast 2019!

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This year’s Resin Beast Painting Competition will recognize the top three single figure entries (with the top prize valued over $2000 USD), along with a variety of sub-category entries. The basic rules of the competition are as follows:

  • Creature Caster models only
  • Single figure only (busts will not be counted as a single figure)
  • Maximum footprint of entry cannot exceed 150mm x 150mm
  • Bring your entry to our booth at AdeptiCon 2019

So hone your brush points, agitate your paints, and prepare your resin for battle!

(Please continue reading for the details!)


Starting with the Fun Stuff 🙂 Awards and Prizes:

Single Figure Awards and Prizes:

  • First Place receives $2000 USD, two Creature Caster models, and a Gold Resin Beastie Trophy.
  • Second Place receives $1000 USD, two Creature Caster models, and a Silver Resin Beastie Trophy.
  • Third Place receives $1000 USD, one Creature Caster model, and a Bronze Resin Beastie Trophy.


Sub-Category Awards and Prizes:

Sub-Categories do not require entry into a specific category. They are awarded to the best entries in the competition that fulfill a set of specific criteria. Entries can only ever receive one award (i.e. You could not win both the Single Figure Second Place award and a New Blood Sub-category award).

  • It’s A-Live Award (Streamed painting of entry for at least 1 hour live) receives $200 USD and one Creature Caster model a month for one year! (not available to certain countries, restrictions apply, see faq).
  • New Blood Awards (Entrant has never placed [1st, 2nd, 3rd] in any competition larger than a local store event): first place receives $200 USD, second place receives $100 USD, and third place receives $100 USD.


Additional Prizes:

We are also happy to announce that we have been offered additional prize support from Elrik’s Hobbies. This means winners can expect to walk away with some extra goodies from this great company 🙂



If anyone else is interested in contributing prize support, please contact support@creaturecaster.com.

Entry Rules:

  1. Single figure only.
  2. Creature Caster Models only.
  3. Maximum footprint of the entry is a 150mm x 150mm square. Entries can be submitted on a smaller footprint or on a circular footprint if preferred. Maximum height of the entry is 350 mm including any plinth or other forms of basing.  
    1. If any part of the base or scenic element of the model extends beyond the maximum dimensions, it may be refused entry or lose points in judging. If part of the original model extends beyond this footprint, and has not been purposefully positioned to cause the model to extend beyond the footprint, then no points will be deducted and entry will not be refused.
    2. Conversions are allowed. However, no additional points are given specifically for conversion work. Each entry is judged on its own artistic and technical merits, which may be helped or hindered by conversion.
  4. Only one entry per entrant.
    1. There can only be one official entry per entrant. If the work was done as a collaboration, only one of the collaborators may enter into the contest, and only that entrant will be given consideration when awarding prizes and credit for the entry.
    2. You may not enter someone else’s creation under your own name.
    3. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, entries may be submitted on your behalf by someone with a weekend badge.
      1. Entries submitted on your behalf by another person must have an email sent with a picture of your entry next to your government issued ID. Send emails to support@creaturecaster.com with subject line Resin Beast Entry.
      2. A person with a weekend badge can submit a maximum of one entry on behalf of someone else. This does not prevent them from submitting an entry on their own behalf.
  5. An AdeptiCon Weekend Badge is required to submit entries. A badge may be purchased at https://www.adepticon.org/
  6. Entries must be submitted before the vendor hall closes on Friday, March 29, 2019 to be considered for judging.
  7. Entrants are responsible for the transportation of entries to and from the competition. No storage space for transportation materials will be provided. Entrants must pick up entries on Sunday, March 31, 2019, before the vendor hall closes.
  8. Entrants agree to provide all entries, at their own risk, to Creature Caster, for the duration of the competition.
    1. Creature Caster and AdeptiCon accept no responsibility for damage to or loss of entries during the competition, although all efforts will be taken to protect entries.
    2. Entrants agree to have their entries photographed, videoed, or otherwise recorded by Creature Caster and/or AdeptiCon. Such recordings shall be the property of Creature Caster and/or AdeptiCon and the entrants waive all rights in regards to these recordings. Creature Caster and/or AdeptiCon may use the records as they see fit without payment to the entrant.
  9. Entrants must leave contact information with with their entry (email and phone number) so that they can be contacted.

Judging Rules:

Heart of the Beast:

  1. Each judge will independently choose their top eleven entries. All of these entries advance to the Heart of the Beast and are bestowed an award to celebrate their accomplishment!
  2. The judges will collaboratively choose a total of 10 entries from the Heart of the Beast to advance to the Final Boss Challenge. If a unanimous decision cannot be reached, there will be a blind vote by the judges. Ties from this vote will be broken by the head judge.
  3. The 10 models that have advanced to the Final Boss Challenge will be ranked and scored according to the specific criteria outlined below.

Final Boss Challenge Criteria:

  1. Each Judge scores independently and may not consult with any other person or reveal their scores to any other person.
  2. Each entry is judged on several different criteria.
  3. Each criterion has its own weighting on the final score.
  4. For each criterion, the entries are ranked from 1-10, with 10 representing the highest rank.
    1. Each criterion has its own ranking independent of the other categories. Ex: An entry could rank a 10 on Artistic Strength but only 1 on General Appeal.
    2. Since entries are sorted by rank within each criterion, no two entries can have the same rank for that criterion. Ex: It is impossible for two entries to have a ranking of 8 on Artistic Strength. Judges must chose to rank one higher or lower than the other.   
  5. The criteria and weighting are as follows:
    1. General Appeal – 20% of final score:
      1. Roughly considered to be the “wow” factor.
      2. How eye-catching is the piece?
      3. Is it consistently appealing both at a distance and closely held?
      4. Discovery of detail. Will the observer find more to discover about the piece the closer they look?
    2. Thematic Strength – 15% of final score:
      1. Is there a character or story being represented?
      2. Is there inherent meaning, or a message conveyed in the piece?
      3. Is the theme consistent and supported throughout?
    3. Technical Application – 25% of final score:
      1. Clean preparation and construction of the model.
      2. Any conversions appear natural and consistent to original.
      3. Skillful application of painting style, regardless of style chosen.
      4. Consistency of work throughout.
    4. Artistic Strength – 40% of final score:
      1. Shapes, patterns, symmetry, or asymmetry applied meaningfully
      2. Use of color pallete
      3. Use of texture
      4. Flow of the piece (does the piece guide the eye?)
      5. Framing and presentation of piece
  6. Each Judge creates a final score by multiplying each ranking by its weighting, and adding the categories together. Their scorecard is submitted to the head judge.
  7. The final score is taken as an average of all the judges’ scores for each entry. Any ties will be broken by a vote of the judges. 


Entry FAQ:

Q) Can I enter a bust into the single figure category?

A) No, busts will not be considered a valid entry to the single figure category.


Q) My entry already placed in another contest. Can I still enter?

A) With the exception of prior winners of the Creature Caster Resin Beast Painting Contest, having won any other prior competition does not limit entry into the competition.


Q) Are plinths considered in the judging?

A) All parts of your entry will be considered while judging, however plinths are not required for entry and you will not lose points for not including a plinth.


Q) Is Currency for prizes USD or CAD?

A) United States Dollars


Q) My figure has a component that is part of the original sculpt that extends beyond the maximum dimensions. Will my model be refused or have points deducted?

A) Your figure will not be refused or have points deducted as long as the extension is not done purposefully. Whether or not the extension is considered purposeful will be the sole decision of the head judge.  


Q) What are the restrictions on the It’s A-Live Award?

A) As the prize is a model a month for a year, the winner must have a shipping address that we can reach using our normal shipping methods. If we cannot ship to your location from one of our warehouses (Canada/UK) you will not be eligible to receive this award. Creature Caster reserves the right to determine the shipping schedule for this award, however shipments will be sent no more than 3 months apart, and with a minimum of 12 models over the course of the year.


Judging FAQ:


Q) Will entrants be shown the judges’ score cards?

A) Entrants will not be shown individual score cards. However, if requested, the mean score for each criterion will be given to the entrant, along with the standard deviation of those scores. The mean showing the average of all the judges scores and the standard deviation indicating whether the judges were consistent or in disagreement with their scoring.


Creature Caster reserves the right to change any of the rules of the competition as they deem fit. (Generally due to typos, clarification, or unexpected circumstances).