Going Separate Ways. Monument Hobbies and Creature Caster.

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To fans of Creature Caster and Monument Hobbies,

We would like to inform you that the time has come for us to distinguish our two companies as separate entities, both committed to you in our own unique ways. In the pursuit of growth comes change.

Change can be tough for everyone involved, from leadership to production teams, but also for our customers who saw Creature Caster and Monument Hobbies as one and the same. While the journey to this point saw the two entities working cohesively together with a shared vision of creating amazing products, we have reached enough of a divergence to know we must communicate to the world that Creature Caster and Monument Hobbies are now heading down different paths.

Peter and Simon will no longer be owners and operators in both companies; they will now return their entire focus to Creature Caster only, and the two companies will operate with separate leadership and resources so that each company can look to its own distinct commitments, budgets, and motivations. Monument Hobbies products will cease sales on the Creature Caster site after next Wednesday, the 15th of July. Please look forward to Monument Hobbies’ release on when and where you can buy these excellent products from them. We know this is short notice, but until now there was still hope that we could come to an arrangement.

The ability for Creature Caster to offer high-quality hobby products is a major goal for all of us here. This motivation hasn’t changed, and while the circumstances have changed, Creature Caster will maintain its commitment to its core values, and its desire to offer the best products in the market. We are incredibly excited about our future alongside our fans and the miniature gaming community. We are dedicated to building a dynamic new world for our brand and finding new ways to share that world with you all. We know that we can continue to provide you with amazing miniatures and have the skills and experience to develop top of the line hobby supplies. We are excited for all the new opportunities that may present themselves in the future.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our dream!

The Creature Caster Team

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