Creature Caster Rewards Program

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Creature Caster is excited to announce that our Rewards System is currently active in our online store!

Starting today, every qualifying purchase made in the store will award Creature Coins and earn level ranking. In order to qualify, customers must have a valid account on the store and be logged in at the time of checkout. Please be sure to log in, as you cannot earn points if you are not logged into the store. Every unit of currency spent (dollar, euro, pound etc.) will earn a Creature coin and progress you one point towards the next rank. Coins can then be directly redeemed at a rate of 100:1 for money off your next purchase.

And that’s just the start! Our new leveling system includes 10 ranks – Apprentice to Ascended. All customers start at Apprentice, and as you move up in rank, the rate at which coins are earned permanently increases. Those who reach Ascended will be earning 5 coins per unit of currency spent! In addition, unlocking ranks will provide access to exclusive catalog pages containing items like our Matriarch Siren Model, unique Wound Counters, and other limited-release products. Some of these special products will only be purchasable with Coins, so consider saving some up!

This program has in no way increased the prices in our store, and is just something we wanted to give everyone for being such great supporters of Creature Caster. We will continue developing the program over time, and more information will be announced in the future as we expand and detail out all the benefits.

Answers to some common questions:

Q1) I just placed an order (x) amount of time ago… can I get coins for this?

A1) The program is not retroactive. The first date for Creature Coin rewards was Friday, May 10th, 2019. All qualifying orders from that day forward will include Coins with purchases.

Q2) I used a discount code/paid using coins and didn’t get any coins, what gives?

A2) You only earn coins on the actual amount of real money you spend, not on the retail value of the product. To clarify, using Creature Coins does not earn additional coins.

Q3) Hey you said I earn Coins on the amount of money I spend, why didn’t I get coins on my shipping and taxes?

A3) Coins are only earned on product, you cannot earn coins on the price of shipping or on taxes.

Q4) I’m in the partner program do I still get coins?

A4) Yes you do 🙂

Q5) This is awesome, how do you guys/gals make these cool things happen?

A5) Rather than focusing on big-budget search engine demographics or late night parties at the Waffle Shack, we choose to put our efforts back into the community and let the product and customer experience tell our story.  Basically we couldn’t do anything without all of your loyalty and support, and this is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation!

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