Community Spotlight: Vince Venturella

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Lady of Chaos and Queen of Ecstasy painted by Vince Venturella one of our volunteer judges for the Resin Beast Painting competition. You can read more about our painting competition here: https://creaturecaster.store/resin-beast/

Vince has been an active member of the hobby community for many years and has a fantastic YouTube channel packed full of reviews, interviews, and hobby knowledge. As you can see from the beautifully painted models below Vince is a very talented painter and he is also a fantastic teacher. Check out his content at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgptSaRLvd1QH0SURdQNYgg

You can also see his guides to airbrushing with Pro Acryl:

And his review of the Kolinsky Sable Igniter brushes:

And Interviews with Jon Ninas and Sam Lenz who placed first and second in the 2019 Resin Beast Painting Competition:

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