Community Spotlight #3: Francesco

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Greetings Creature Community 🙂

This week the spotlight is on a series of photos that were sent to us by Francesco from Italy. A talented painter, and also great photographer, we were super happy to see his beautifully painted pieces. Francesco doesn’t have a blog or social media to follow, but was nice enough to allow us to post these for him. In general, we will be featuring as many different artists as possible, but since these pictures cannot be seen anywhere else it was too hard to pick and choose. We also want to thank Francesco for his patience and support. Unfortunately one of his models had a miscast part and he had to wait for a replacement piece. We just want to remind everyone that if you ever have a miscast piece, please take a photo, include your order number, and contact support. We will send you the replacement at no cost! This is a rare occurrence, but we don’t want anything to get in the way of you having a good experience with our models, or from making beautiful miniature art for you to share with the community 🙂

Presenting the Queen of  Ecstasy, King of Ruin and King of War by Francesco!

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