Community Spotlight #2: Spider Demon

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Hi Everyone. This week the Creature Community spotlight is going to be focused on the Spider Demon.

One of our first models, the Spider Demon has survived the test of time, and has become one of our most iconic models. This model has inspired some truly fantastic miniature painting art. A powerful and sensual silhouette, smooth space for free-handing details and textures, and awesome HR Giger inspired detail provide a great canvas to work from.

Both models pictured today are painted to the highest levels, and are truly amazing pieces. They are also both completely different! One with a very otherworldly look, and the other having a more natural and earthy skin tone.

We hope you enjoy today’s gallery, and don’t forget to submit your pictures or nominate others by sending to support@creaturecaster.com or messaging us on facebook.

We begin with Kris Belleau’s Crystal Brush 2018 entry. Kris mounted the model on a cast of his own hand, which is not only creative, but really gives the feeling that the model is walking over a giant statue. Little details like the leopard spots, leaves, and spider web really help give the model a grounded feel. When combined with the earthy skin tones it creates a very strong overall theme. Our interpretation was of a very solid, rather than ethereal demon, that didn’t flicker in and out of reality. Instead she very much existed on our plane of existence, building a web and waiting for prey to fall into her trap. For anyone thinking of entering our Resin Beast Painting Competition this is a great example of how to tell a story with only a single figure! You can see more of Kris’ work on this piece here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BheQjVqD6hd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link and check out Kris’ website https://www.wayofthebrush.com/

Spider Demon by Kris Belleau
Spider Demon by Kris Belleau


Spider Demon Close Up by Kris Belleau
Spider Demon Close Up by Kris Belleau

The next Spider Demon was painted by Adam Halon from Brush Brothers and received Silver at Hussar and the Monte San Savino show. This model has a very different theme than Kris’. Everything about the model says that it is from another world, or another plane of existence all together. The main feature of this model is swirling, and multilayered pattern for her skin. Adam described the skin as twisted, demonic flesh, and we think that it is a really cool way of representing that idea. The rock and scaled parts of the body are highlighted beautifully, but they are presented in a more neutral way, which allows for the complex patterns to really take front and center. The neutral elements aren’t competing or distracting to the eye. The final detail is the sword, which again looks to be made from an alien or other worldly material! A great way to round out the theme of the model. You can see more of this model here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeQ4fJoFotM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link and follow Adam on facebook https://www.facebook.com/lolerah

Spider Demon by Adam Halon
Spider Demon by Adam Halon 1


Spider Demon by Adam Halon 2
Spider Demon Side View by Adam Halon

That’s it for this week. Two versions of the Spider Demon both conveying a very different feel and theme. Great inspiration for us all!

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