Champions of Creature Caster

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Hobby Heretics – Post by Simon Sung

Please be aware that third party products may appear in this article. These are not in anyway associated with Creature Caster, and Creature Caster does not sell or endorse third party products. Photos displayed are original works, either taken by Creature Caster, or used with permission.

Creature Champion Jim Vesal’s models being tested vs some Demons of Ruin (King of Ruin and Plague Angel from Creature Caster shown with 3rd party models).

As a fan of the tournament scene and competitive gaming, I reached out to a couple of friends who were planning epic gaming tours of North America and Europe over this next year. These guys are some of the best players in the scene and I thought it would be fun to follow their adventures and share it with the community here. The Champions of Creature Caster will be a series of posts which will follow two exemplars of the tabletop tournament circuit and chronicle their anecdotes and misadventures along the path to glory or ignominious failure.

Jim’s and Simon’s models having a skirmish (King of Ruin and Maggot Demon from Creature Caster shown with 3rd party models)
Toto..we’re not in kansas anymore… (Plague Angel from Creature Caster shown with 3rd party models). Thanks to Play On Tabletop for letting us use the top table at Wetcoast GT. Check out their battle reports here:

Enamored with the insidious ruin of existence, both Jim Vesal and Thomas Lanigan are fervent devotees to the demonic! Truly passionate hobbyists with the will to walk the path of the tournament, they have drawn attention from the corrupted eye of Creature Caster. Both Jim and Thomas currently rank one and two respectively on the ITC rankings. At Adepticon, one of the largest 40k tournaments in North America, Jim placed first out of 265 players. Thomas was later able to remind Jim that glory is but a fickle and fleeting thing by defeating his fellow champion at the CTC Warhammer 40k Championship in Ottawa. 

Jim Vesal (Right) giving up his soul to Creature Caster

TJ doling out some conquering foot

After I talked to Jim and Thomas at Adepticon, I recognized an opportunity for them to tell stories about Creature Caster miniatures on the tabletop and report on something we are all passionate about . . . competitive gaming. Jim and Thomas realize competitive gaming is not simply about winning at all costs, but about doing the best you can against the obstacles that are laid before you. It’s like a giant puzzle your little avatars must solve. When you can adhere to the best parts of competitive gaming, there is fun for all, and some epic stories to be told. These stories are what make all the time spent painting and assembling miniatures so gratifying. Those tension-soaked moments playing a good game against a good opponent were what motivated Jim and Thomas to travel and participate in tournaments.

Jim Vesal’s Lady of Corruption by Creature Caster, a small taste of his demonic collection
TJ Lanigans’s creature conversion of the Maggot Demon…sickening

Many tournament players will now see both Jim and Thomas flying Creature Caster colors, while doling out some Conquering Foot™, in the name of their demonic patrons. They may even have some truly unholy swag for some lucky opponents! As players, painters, and fans of everything demonic and baroque, Jim and Thomas are a match made in hellish glory with Creature Caster. So, if this has piqued your curiosity, stay tuned. And never underestimate a Champion of Creature Caster.

Jim on the right sporting our octo-skull while winning first place at Wet Coast GT in Vancouver. Watch the top table here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7EHXKK06p8

If you want to support these two champions please check out their social media and give them a follow.

See more of Jim’s works on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimbov_paints/

Follow TJ Lanigan on Instagram and facebook:

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