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Behold Festerious!

TJ Lanigan has been rampage with his demonic minions in the past month.  The Maggot Demon has been given its true name…Festerious.  

Festerious has seen some action at TJ’s last few tournaments.  TJ was nice enough to chronicle the saga of Festerious at last months Beef and Wings Brawl 40k tournament.

Festerious let his gaze crawl across the battlefield as the enemy raked his troops with heavy weapons fire; he was running disturbingly thin on servants to throw in front of the barrage and those great, arrogant machines of his adversaries lumbered closer than ever now. He understood that he had to attack now or risk being overwhelmed and lose the opportunity.

“Must we do the work ourselves?” His beak clacked and his body shuddered to life. Insect’s wings fluttered and whined as his mass was hauled up and over the lines of his dying children. Festerious muttered praise to his old father and prayed that He cast His foetid benevolence on Festerious’ new engagement. As he crashed through the soft lines of fleshy foe, he felt the approaching wrath of their iron giants, and turned to dodge the crushing footfalls. Maggots, Festerious’ favoured offspring, flew in a rain from his corpulent mass, steam and bile hissing where they fell.

He came to face the chestplate of his monstrous foe. Raising his flail in both hands, Festerious swung hard into the behemoth’s center, sending it reeling to one knee with a grinding, furious howl. 

Festerious moved aside to avoid the crashing of metal, and readied another swing into his enemy’s leg, smashing pistons and pulping iron. The great beast fell to one side, it’s life nearly spent, and Festerious aimed one last blow to it’s head. All glory to the Dark Gods!

The dolorous knell of the dying echoed across the battlefield as yet another wave of Festerious’ minions crashed apart against the rocky shore of incoming fire. The enemy force was small but time and again he’d watched his kin decimated by sheer firepower. The suits they wore were impressive as well: large machines bristling with guns; jump packs fitted to their backs which allowed them to escape combat and flee behind buildings let them wreak havoc from all angles of the  battlefield. They appeared ungainly and yet they were nimble….

He could not let this continue. He would slay these machine-suits, tear them open to devour their fleshy innards and show his servants why it was he who had been appointed by the Dark Gods to lead this decaying rabble. Festerious unfolded his wings and took off to the front of the killing field.

He hit the ground before the enemy and let out a guttural bellow. He would not be stopped. He lurched forward to charge into their lines just as the enemy redirected their fire to bar his way. At first he felt nothing, and he laughed at the absurdity of his own children being brought low by this: such pitiful fire should not be allowed to stop his will. Then he noticed the larger robots turn their massive guns on him and begin to fire. Bolts of hot plasma burned into his body one after another until Festerious felt his legs give out. He stumbled, and the ground rose up as the world dimmed.

When he was finally able to open a blood caked eye he saw his lower half riddled with holes in front of him. Pillars of smoke and stench rose to the roof of the world as his minion’s remains littered the ground below. Festerious exhaled: this would be the end of him in this battle, but there were other battles yet for him to fight. The Dark Gods called him home….

Held in Buffalo, New York, Tj attended Beef & Wing Brawl and went 5-0 against 99 other hobby enthusiasts and won best overall. Surely he has secured the favour of dark powers. He was gifted with an envy inspiring chain-axe.

Recently Tj also scored Warlord level status at the Cleveland Chainsword Championships.  Winning another tournament, Tj is seriously doling out some conquering foot. Warning: Do not apply the conquering foot to your significant other. Side effects include extreme indignation, sleeping with one eye open and a stern dressing down. He talks about his rise through the ranks of the ITC tournament circuit and how he uses some of his units in this youtube interview Break Down with Brave:

Tj and Jim Vesal both will both be attending Tabletop Game Expo on July 20th and 21st in Toronto Canada.  Hopefully the scribes will be present to chronicle the sagas of Tj and Jim.

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