Champions of Creature Caster

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A Lord of Metamorphosis has been secured for the service of the dark master of the conquering foot, TJ Lanigan. This Prince has been crowned with a name fit for one who operates in the shadows….Pandoras. Many are the atrocities he has committed for his master since his induction to the ranks of TJ’s demonic horde.  Let us tell you his tales of dark adventure….

Pandoras flexed his mind over the battlefield as he sought to find weakness in the approaching army. The puny humans were vulnerable to his psychic powers but the machines they fielded were astonishingly resilient to his abilities. Nevertheless, his familiarity with his powers was waxing, so turning them to ash would be simple .  The methods he was employing were showing to be quite effective. No one capable of stopping his mental thrusts seemed be present and he intruded into his enemy’s minds without obstruction. He could taste the fear and despair as he manipulated these flesh puppets. A plan started to evolve. He would focus his attention on all the fleshy parts and without the flesh, the machine they brought to bare would be useless. An unearthly titter was lost in the din of war. This would be too easy….

Pandoras’ energies were waning after battling these relentless green skinned foes. Forced to slay a few of them in close quarters, his claws were slick with the vitae of the hunched brutes. He was not one that enjoyed using his demonic strength for fighting. That was something the lesser order of demons were created for. In the beginning, toying with these fleshlings using illusions and powerful hexes was amusing, but the enemy had continued to push at his lines. Inconceivable, another wave was incoming. Mind taxed, the small small mistakes in his use of the dark arts were talking a toil on his material form. Brushing those concerns aside, he built up his arcane focus. The power was seething…trying to escape. It was a delicate equilibrium, hard to balance.  Too little and the mortals would break his hold on the battle and too much and his physical form could be destroyed. The power was intoxicating. Then a distraction was all it took. A small slip in his grasp of control and he was consumed in a cascade of uncontrolled dark energies. Caution would have to be employed when he could coalesce back into the material universe.

These stories and pictures were chronicled at two events that TJ had the pleasure of attending. The Triple C GT was held in Cleveland, in which 65 aspirants vied for the title of Warlord and the spoils of gold….dice.  TJ found the competition fierce but he was still able to win all six of his games to win the title.

TGX was held in Toronto, Canada. 120 competitors took to the field to fight over the vaulted Best overall prize. After an intense two day melee, only our Creature Champion could claim undefeated status.  Pandoras will enjoy employing this crystal artifact for his nefarious schemes. Over the next few articles we will be detailing the forces he took to Nova, one of the largest tabletop gaming events held in North America.  With close to 300 attendees, Tj will be gracing us with his list makeup for this premiere event.

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